New Pitch Fundraising

Those of you who attended the AGM or read the subsequent e-mail will be aware that we need to raise in excess of £60,000 by July 2014. That might seem a fairly big figure but we should actually be looking to the future and aiming to raise considerably more. Firstly I think I should state, in case anyone is getting complacent, given the state of austerity in the country that the Lottery or any other body is not going to be flinging money at us. The positive news though is that we are team players and if we all make an effort we are a vast pool of talent with a variety of skills including immense drive and energy.

So where do we start? Firstly I would like to hear from anyone who has any Fundraising ideas. And anyone means current members, past members, very much the parents of our talented Juniors and the Juniors themselves. Having an idea does not mean you will have to organise it so don't be shy. However we will all have to be involved in some capacity at one of the events that we are planning. That said the events we have proposed, prior to your numerous ideas, are as follows.

Car Boot Sale. We will be asking you all to donate saleable items that you do not want ( Not stuff that you can't be bothered to take to the dump ) and a few of us, volunteers appreciated, will be selling that at a good car boot. Anyone with car boot experience would be useful and any recommendations as to which car boot to attend would be welcome. We will let you know shortly from where we will collect items.

Pre Season Car Rally and Hog Roast at the club possibly Saturday 31st August. Chance to venture into the Norfolk countryside following a series of clues and gathering answers followed by the opportunity to eat and drink copious amounts - what more could you want. Anyone who knows of people with ready made Car Rally routes would be very helpful.

In October we will be looking to current and old members to take the opportunity to become Patrons of the club by donating £200 in either a lump sum or direct debit over 10 months. Cheaper than Sky and it's for life.

November/December will see the Junior Section undertake some bag packing at local supermarkets which can yield about £500 per day. They will also be carrying out a sponsored dribble around the pitch at some point in the year.

In January farming members will asked to donate a tonne or more of wheat which will then be sold to generate a sizeable sum we hope. This is being coordinated by James Caley, Charlie Lankfer and Jim Major. Makes you wonder why farmers get such a bad press, speaking as an unbiased observer I can honestly say I have always found farmers to be kind, generous, humourous, good looking and brilliant individuals.

February will see the multi talented Ben Human and friends undertake cooking a 5 course meal for 100 people at a venue to be announced. Having sampled Ben's culinary skills it will be fantastic, he is Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Hugh Farty-Whittingstall all rolled into one. This will be a big event for the club and we will be holding an auction on the night. We will be looking for members to donate prizes or possibly persuade generous individuals/businesses to do likewise. In the past we have auctioned some very desirable lots and I hope we can do the same for this very special cause.

March/April will see Charlie Lankfer organise a 16 player squad playing against all 9 Norfolk Clubs in 24 hours. We will ask for the match fees from the opposition to be donated to Pelicans and we will of course be looking for sponsorship as well as a doctor with a defibrillator and an array of replacement knee joints.

April/May will see a Pelicans Golf Day at the prestigious Heacham Manor Golf Club.

Summer 2014 will see an event yet to be confirmed.

Other ideas are a collection of old, unwanted mobile phones or a Select the Task/Torture where one reckless, devil may care individual agrees to carry out one of four possible tasks and people pay to choose which one they have to do. More importantly it does not include YOUR IDEAS.

In closing I would love to see as many parents of Juniors as possible at these events. Things to think about immediately are ideas, car boot items, can you help with the car boot and do you know anyone who does Car Rallys. My contact details are as follows:

Jon Brown
01553 762255
07780 693979

I look forward to hearing from all of you.


Jon Brown
Fundrasing Chairman