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9amLadies 2nd XI Vs Diss
9amLadies 4th XI Vs Watton 3
11:30amMens 4th XI Vs North Norfolk 3
12pmMens 1st XI Vs Norwich Dragons 1
12:15pmGirls Development Vs Norwich Dragons
1pmLadies 1st XI Vs Cambridge Nomads 1
1:45pmLadies 3rd XI Vs Hornets
2:30pmMens 3rd XI Vs Lowestoft Railway 1
2:30pmMens 2nd XI Vs Sudbury 2
9amMens 2nd XI Vs Norwich City 4
9amMens 4th XI Vs Norfolk Nomads 2
1pmLadies 1st XI Vs Spalding 1
1pmMens 1st XI Vs Harleston 3
2:30pmMens 3rd XI Vs Bury St Edmunds 3
9amMens 4th XI Vs St Ives 5
9amMens 3rd XI Vs Ipswich & ES 4
9amMens 2nd XI Vs Norwich Dragons 3
9amLadies 3rd XI Vs North Norfolk 2
11:30amGirls Development Vs Yarmouth
12:15pmMens 1st XI Vs St Ives 1
1pmLadies 1st XI Vs Alford 1
1:45pmMens 1st XI Vs Norfolk Nomads 1
2:30pmLadies 4th XI Vs Norwich Dragons 7
3pmLadies 2nd XI Vs Dereham 4
9amMens 4th XI Vs Watton 2
9amLadies 1st XI Vs St Ives 2
9amLadies 3rd XI Vs Herlings
11:30amGirls Development Vs Dereham
12pmMens 1st XI Vs UEA 1
12:15pmMens 2nd XI Vs Ipswich & ES 2
1pmLadies 2nd XI Vs Yarmouth 2
1:45pmMens 3rd XI Vs Ipswich 3
2:30pmLadies 4th XI Vs Norwich Dragons 8

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